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  • How much do tattoos cost?
    I charge by the piece and will give you a time/cost estimate once I've reviewed your submission!
  • Do you do cover-ups?
    I typically only do cover-ups when the subject is very small or has been laser treated. Because my style is thin lines and airy landscapes, it doesn't usually lend itself well to camouflaging an existing tattoo and I would recommend you to an artist with a more saturated style. You can always submit your idea for booking so we can discuss options.
  • How do deposits work?
    A non-refundable $100 deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm your appointment and hold your spot. This DOES go toward the final cost of the tattoo. You risk forfeiting your deposit and will need a new one to re-book if you cancel without 48 hour notice, are 15 minutes late, no-call/no-show, reschedule too many times, or change your idea last minute.
  • Can I bring a friend to my appointment?
    All shops have a different policy on this! Please call the shop you are planning on booking your appointment to find out more.
  • I'm concerned about the longevity of a tattoo with so little black.
    Lighter pigments aren't noticeable a few years down the road because they are the least contrasting to any skin tone, but if you surround lighter pigment with something darker (not always black, could be a dark red/purple/blue) it will be legible throughout the years! It's a game of contrast. ​ Aging is part of the process of getting a tattoo though. No matter the color, lines will bolden, colors will always dull, along with your not tattooed skin! The best way to keep your tattoos looking new is just general skincare, especially sunscreen.
  • My friend and I want a matching tattoo how do we submit?
    One form! It's easier for me to just have one person to talk to. Just let me know how many people are expected and all the details!
  • I'm nervous! What should I expect?
    Once you submit a form, you can expect a response up to a week later; it takes some time to get through them all on my off time! ​ I'll give you a time/cost estimate based on info you've provided. Once we have discussed everything, I require a $100 deposit (which is applied to the final cost) Then I will send a google calendar invitation with all the important details! ​On the day of your appointment, I will either have your design ready for you with sizing options or we will be drawing a lot of it on (this is something I will mention through e-mail, too)! Please check out the "Process" highlight on my Instagram for examples. ​ There is absolutely no rush! We will move the stencil as many times as necessary to get it perfect and talk about everything until we both love it 110%. Once we begin tattooing, there is certainly time for any breaks you need. Feel free to let me know of any accommodations that will make your experience more comfortable. ​
  • How can I be best prepared?
    Make sure you eat a meal before you come in! Dress comfortably, and with the area we are tattooing in mind. Feel free to bring snacks and water and your headphones to get in the zone. Make sure you've sent all final specifications to me via our e-mail thread so we don't cut into your tattoo time making revisions to what I have prepared for you!
  • Can I see my design before the appointment?
    I don't send out the drawings beforehand. I draw up your design the night before, after my work day. This is why it's important to include any and all specifications you have in your initial form and also while e-mailing me prior. We can, of course, make small changes before your tattoo but if it something major, we will need to re-schedule and you may need to put down another deposit. I always encourage clients to research their artist to make sure their visions are compatible.
  • Can we talk about tipping? Help!
    Tipping is always appreciated & cash is best! A lot of the tattoo cost directly reflects rent and supplies, whereas tips are fully ours, just like other service industry workers like hairstylists, nail techs, massage therapists, etc. We will all tell you to tip whatever you feel is appropriate based on the quality service you received.
  • What methods of payment are accepted?
    Cash and all credit cards! Sometimes there is a fee when using your card, please call the shop you are planning to make the appointment to see what their rules are. Cash for tips are always appreciated 🖤
  • Is the space clean and licensed?
    Yes! Both the shop and myself individually are licensed and safe. I use completely disposable products and disinfect thoroughly between each client, you are more than welcome to observe as I set up, I will open each needle and pour ink while you are present.
  • Can I use numbing cream?
    I use a numbing agent (Bactine: 4% lidocaine) throughout the process. Most clients find the pain is easily manageable with no additional numbing aid. If you think you will require something other than what I provide, please mention it through e-mail so we can prepare together.
  • Do you offer flash or pre-drawn designs?
    Occasionally I have flash available, I always post that on my Instagram. My favorite way to work is a vague client direction and some free range, so I usually just stay busy with custom collaborative designs!
  • How long do I have to wait in between sessions?
    I am not opposed to working on larger projects for consecutive days if we are on a time constraint! But I do typically recommend waiting 3 weeks in between sessions to let everything heal fully and not be so physically taxing when possible.


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